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Richard Girolami Five Senses Therapy 


 2018 Dates and Locations

Honolulu Hawaii July 14th – August 4th

Frankfurt, Germany August 5th – 6th

Karlsruhe, Germany August 7th – 8th

St Moritz, Switzerland August 9th – 11th

Zurich, Switzerland August 15th – August 25th

Luxembourg  August 26th – September 3rd

Stellshagen, Germany September 4th – 7th

New York September 9th – 14th

Phoenix, Arizona September 15th – 17th

San Francisco, California September 18th – 21st

Hangzhou, China September 23rd – October 7th

Honolulu, Hawaii October 12th – 23rd

Email for appointment :  Booking@silkbridgehawaii.com


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