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Change Your Posture ~ Change Your Life with YogAlign

September 30, 2017 - October 1, 2017

For yoga teachers and fitness educators, manual and movement therapists

Immersion with Michaelle Edwards LMT, ERYT

Author of YogAlign, Pain-free yoga from your inner core

How to align yourself and your clients using focused breathing and safe comfortable exercises. Experience radical postural improvements and pain alleviation in just one session. Neuromuscular posture reeducation for any age or fitness level. Change posture to create fascial freedom and balanced tensional forces globally in the body.  Safe stable joint techniques for fitness, yoga and stretching.


Register Here:

2 Day intensive $299 plus tax and pay pal fee


What you will learn in this immersion:

The YogAlign method of posture realignment

How to align yourself and your clients:

  • Create naturally aligned posture and eliminate chronic pain

  • Use breathing to tone the core and rewire the nervous system

  • Decompress and strengthen joints while moving from center

  • Practice and teach yoga and stretching exercises safely to avoid joint compression and injuries

  • How to free fascia with self massage and posture ‘rebooting’

  • Activating the psoas/diaphragm connection; our deepest core movement

(Note: Sessions for all ages and fitness levels. Each session is approximately 85% practice and 15% lecture.)

Michaelle Edwards is founder and director of Kauai Yoga School, offering teacher trainings, retreats, and workshops worldwide. A licensed massage therapist, musician, author, and creator of YogAlign, she is known for her boundless energy, humor, and dedication to helping people of all ages and fitness levels become aligned and pain-free. She is creator of the DVD and companion book YogAlign: Pain free Yoga from Your Inner Core, has been featured in the New York Times, and has published numerous articles in print and online for the Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, and Inspiration.

More Information:

Establishing good posture with natural spine alignment is essential for every human to be balanced, joyful and pain-free. In this workshop, you will gain self-help tools to align the body globally, align your spine internally, and balance the lines of pull in the muscular/fascia systems. Through painless functional body positions, nervous system re-patterning, self-massage, and deep core breathing methods, participants will align, tune and tone their bodies, shifting from the inside out.

In this immersion, clients will learn a unique approach to changing posture though breathing techniques that reactivate the deep postural forces that are often sabotaged from chair sitting, stress, and forced compartmentalized exercises.

Our bodies are mostly water and space, and by changing how the brain directs muscle tension, participants often notice a shift in physical posture in just a few hours. When posture is aligned, body systems and organs function optimally. Anxiety and depression are alleviated and there is an increase of energy levels as well as beneficial hormones. YogAlign has been documented to increase height, decompress joints and allow for unrestricted movements of breathing that regenerate the body from the inside out.

Approximately 95% of all pain in the human body is a result of poor posture and joint misalignment. Most people shrink as they age, leading to pain and joint issues. Even athletic people can have poor postural habits that lead to injuries and performance issues. The key to being pain-free is to regain the natural posture design for the human body. Anyone of any fitness level can benefit from these workshop sessions, and the methods are painless and safe.

DAY 1 

  1. Before Photos of each participant
  2. Posture and movement evaluation for participants
  3. Overview of YogAlign method with Fascial pulleys explained
  4. Self massage techniques (These are woven into the entire practice but we will begin with a face massage)
  5. YogAlign SIP breathing techniques. Exploring breath dynamics of inhalation and exhalation to strengthen and engage the core trunk muscles from the inside out.
  6. Exploration of how posture is ‘wired’ in the nervous system. Using PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) to rewire the nervous system patterning using the unique YogAlign process.
  7. YogAlign Supine Body Tuning – activate Psoas/Diaphragm connection to establish movement and breathing from the center of the body.
  8. Arm & Shoulder TuneUp – Connecting the arms to the back body and balancing the flexor and extensor chain by activating the breathing core.


How to use focused breathing techniques to determine safety and effects of any exercise pose or body position. Establishing natural spine and joint alignment via anatomically functional biomechanics.

  1. YogAlign Supine Body Tuning – activate Psoas/Diaphragm connection to establish movement and breathing from the center of the body.
  2. Synergizing the trunk muscles to engage primarily as stabilizers rather than flexors.
  3. YogAlign Arm and Shoulder- a standing body tune up.
  4. Back- bending with the Glider (a modified Cobra)
  5. Bird dog (Breath based pose for extensor/gluteal activation)
  6. Core dog (yoga down dog that aligns the spinal curves and stabilizes joints
  7. Spine Aligner in a chair (Active sitting and trunk rotation)
  8. Forward bending in natural spine alignment
  9. YogAlign Tree and one-legged balances
  10. YogAlign Lunges and Rotations (twists)
  11. How to sit, move and stand in real life activities using the YogAlign techniques.
  12. Importance of posture and health – Discussion on neck and knee pain, TMJ, plantar fasciitis, anxiety, depression, and digestion issues etc.
  13. Functional movement and joint protection in yoga, fitness, Pilates and sports.
  14. Before & After Photos of each participant


Body Reading: Postural assessment to determine deviations from natural alignment which may be causing chronic pain or leading to long term joint compressions etc. Imperative for body workers, yoga teachers and fitness educators is being able to do a global assessment of posture, breathing and movement biomechanics.


Activate the center of the body with the movements of breathing. Breathing is the deepest core movement of the body that directs our nervous system responses, and defines our emotional and physical well-being. We breathe almost 20,000 times a day making breathing a huge determinant of postural/movement habits and muscle/fascia organization. Participants will learn to identify their individual and others’ breathing habits using observation and experiential exercises. Learn to connect the movements of breathing with your entire body.


Learn to Activate the Psoas/Diaphragm connection, Using anatomical illustrations and experiential exercises, participants will learn to engage the connection of the diaphragm and the deep groin muscles of the psoas. Techniques will be implemented on how the psoas are involved with moving, breathing, organ support, emotions, and spine alignment. Activating psoas in synergy with the core abdominal muscles is the key to natural posture and a pain-free body.


Establish Natural Spine Alignment via functional biomechanics. Course will give an overview on how to adapt fitness exercises, yoga poses, and the movements of daily life to foster core movement habits that align the spine and support the breathing apparatus.


Retrain Your Brain. The key to releasing postural tension habits and regaining natural agility is done by rebooting postural software in the brain; the control center for all muscle actions. Using techniques including PNF or Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) and reciprocal inhibition, participants can learn powerful tools for changing posture via the breathing apparatus to balance tensional forces in the body.


Free Your Fascia Our fascia is a web-like tissue that surrounds every cell of our body connecting and guiding our muscle pathways. It shapes our posture and the quality of our movements, and can influence the immune and hormonal systems. The workshop will change postural habits on a deep level allowing the fascia organ to reorganize globally in the body.


Learn Self-Massage and Sensory Body Awareness. Self-massage is the tool for bringing blood flow, oxygen, relaxation, and sensory awareness to our soft tissue and organs. Participants will learn how to practice self-massage in any discipline using the hands and/or rolling movements of the body.


Kinesthetic Intelligence. By being present with the body, and focusing on the breath, one can strengthen the kinesthetic (proprioceptive) sense where we become aware of how we move, breathe and carry ourselves in 3-D space. When our body is naturally aligned and the nervous system is in a relaxed state, we are more able to live in present awareness enjoying life in each moment. Breath flows easily without effort into an aligned structure allowing all systems of the body to work optimally. When aligned with good posture, we can concentrate on the joy of the journey instead of on our aches, pains and problems.



September 30, 2017
October 1, 2017


Lotus Honolulu at Diamond Head
2885 Kalakaua Ave
honolulu, HI 96815 United States
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