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Five Senses Therapy is a careful and effective combination of techniques to bring the body and mind towards a state of balance and achieve profound results on several levels. It can be especially useful in releasing old stagnant energies which have become stuck in the body from traumas, injuries, stress and posture.

A session usually lasts 90 minutes and begins with talking, information intake, and a short structural examination. This intense form of therapy has been extremely effective in addressing imbalances and creating a lighter more free human form.  Client and practitioner work together using TCM, breath, and deep structural bodywork to identify and release difficult areas.

We are products of our lives. Every thought, food, movement, emotion and injury you have ever had has brought you and your body to this exact point today. At one time in our lives we were free to move without restrictions and our physical alignment was supportive of our adventures. Over time, most of us develop some stress, pain, restriction, misalignment or imbalance. These developments reduce our ability to move freely and inhibit the flow of vital energy throughout our bodies.

The breath is central to this process and clients are reminded to breathe consciously working through difficult areas. His clients have seen positive results for pain, stress, anxiety, old injuries, postural issues, mobility, post surgery and improved athletic performance. Release, realign and take a journey towards a healthier more optimal you.

Five Senses Therapy in Hong Kong. Thank you Martina Lee and Pure Yoga.

Five Senses Therapy in Hong Kong. Thank you Martina Lee and photographer Richard Pilnick.