ZENTHERAPY® is one of my biggest influences. The work of William (Dub) Leigh, Audrey Nakamura and the instructors and practitioners who have taken the time and energy to share it with me have enriched my life, both professionally and personally. It is with gratitude and respect that I share some of the details and history of this work.     

Richard Girolami

ZENTHERAPY® recognizes that from birth to death, life is flow of energy. This energy takes shape by our attitudes, our emotions, and our bodies. Zentherapy® releases the natural form of the body from the aberations caused by physical, chemical, psychological and spiritual traumas.

THESE ABERATIONS MISALIGN THE BODY and block the free flow of energy within the body and between the person and the universe. The blocks and misalignment prevent a person from realizing his full potential and experiencing the oneness of all life. Once blocks are removed and the structure is aligned, the body, mind and spirit will move to a higher plateau.

ZENTHERAPY® IS A SYNTHESIS from Eastern and Western cultures . Many different methods and techniques are used to process the body; this includes the work of my teachers Ida Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais, Lauren Berry and Raymond Nimmo. Tanouye Rotaishi’s teachings are an underlying source of all Zentherapy® trainings.

CONSCIOUSLY EXPERIENCING and using universal energy is what makes Zentherapy® unique. The Zazen training is basic to this work.

FROM THE VERY FIRST DAY and throughout the Zentherapy® trainings, special emphasis is placed upon the self development of the practitioner and the development of the client.

IT IS THE GOAL OF ZENTHERAPY® for both the practitioner and the client to become as a child: free of fear, hate, greed and pain. Fully living each moment by moment.

William S. (Dub) Leigh


Aberrations and pain block the free flow of energy within the body and between the person and the universe. It prevents a person from realizing their full potential and experiencing the oneness of all life.

ZENTHERAPY® is a recipe to reverse this process of misalignment.


  • Getting rid of pain
  • Hardened tissue is softening and becomes elastic
  • Loose tissue becomes stabilized
  • The breathing is deepening
  • The posture becomes more aligned
  • Increased mobility of the body
  • More vitality and joy of life

Founder: William “Dub” Leigh

Dub was ninety-one when he passed away on August 2, 2005. Forty some-odd years ago he was a successful Utah business man. However, he felt a certain emptiness in his life. Through a series of fortuitous circumstances, he found himself being invited to become a member of the Esalen Residency Training Program in Big Sur, California. Heeding the call, Dub left family, home and business behind and took up residence at Esalen where he was introduced to Ida Rolf and Rolfing®. Eventually, he developed into one of Ida’s proteges and shared a close personal relationship with her throughout her life.

From Ida, Dub learned of an Israeli named Moshe Feldenkrais. He provided one-third of the financial resources needed to bring Moshe to the U.S. to teach. After years of study with Moshe, Dub was certified by him.

By the early 1980’s, after working countless bodies, Dub was burned out and in fragile health. Again, fortuitous circumstances led him to Hawaii where he met Tanouye Tenshin Rotaishi, a Zen Master, martial artist and healer adept at the use of ki (vital energy).

Tanouye Rotaishi became Dub’s third major teacher.

“After my training in structure from Ida and in function by Moshe Feldenkrais, the work with Tanouye Rotaishi at Chozen-ji was like a post-graduate course in reality and the meaning of life and death.” 

Through him, Dub gained insight into how a body could be worked using ki. In the course of this process, Dub’s own health and enthusiasm for his work was rekindled.

Tanouye Rotaishi set Dub aside and asked him to continue the work and train someone to carry on after Dub’s passing.

“You know how long it took you to get to where you were when you came to me. I never trained anyone before because no one ever came to me with the amount of training you had. It would have taken me years…” 

William “Dub” Leigh with Tenshin Tanouye Rotaishi

Their seven year collaboration resulted in the evolution of Zentherapy®, which in Dub’s words: “integrates my training and experiences with Ida, Moshe, and others, with the Eastern ‘metaphysiology’ of vital energy.” It contains aspects of the deep tissue work of Rolf, the neuro-muscular re-education of Feldenkrais and the ki training of Tanouye Rotaishi.

In 1990 Tanouye Rotaishi asked Dub to return to the mainland to teach.

On April 8th 1995 the Rinzai-Zen Master and Archbishop of Daihonzan Chozenji, Tenshin Tanouye Rotaishi, recognizes William ” Dub ” Leigh as founder (So-Ke) of  ZENTHERAPY® .

International ZENTHERAPY® INSTITUTE INC. (IZII) is founded and adopts Yakushi Nyorai as its patron. Yakushi Nyorai is known as the Healing Buddha who made twelve vows to save all sentient beings. Two of his vows were specific to curing all manners of disease, including ignorance-the most fundamental of all illnesses and the source of suffering. He also pledged to help anyone who heard his name.

“By calling on the Buddha of Healing and striving for wholesome change, one can have a spiritual rebirth and gain freedom from the patterns of unrestrained greed, anger and egocentric emotional response.”

Dub Leigh and Yakushi Nyorai

The aim of Zentherapy® parallels Yakushi Nyorai’s vow to help people. Dub Leigh believes that by freeing the body of abberations and trauma held in the tissue, the body changes; as the body changes, the mind and the spirit change.

Upon Dub’s passing, Audrey Nakamura, as his successor, has assumed his duties as President of IZII.